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MBBS in abroad universities is a dream for most of the medical aspirants in India. Since Childhood, teachers, parents and influential people in the country encouraged studying either engineering or medicine to have a bright future. MBBS  in Abroad is one of the most popular courses for international students looking to study in countries like Ukraine, Philippines, Australia, and USA etc. Many Universities abroad has a long history of welcoming students from across the world to pursue MBBS In Abroad.

Study Mbbs Outside India

For some families, MBBS In Abroad still remains as a forbidden fruit due to astronomical fee structure of the corporate colleges even after getting a good rank. But one should not lose hopes as became easy to do MBBS in abroad for Indian students at a low cost to make their dreams come true, Ukraine is considered as the best country for MBBS in the world. Students and parents tend to have their doubts or be apprehensive about MBBS admission in abroad, pursuing medicine in Ukraine have become more easy and comfortable than ever before.

What do we do?

Becoming a medical practitioner may be the career goal that many students dream in their life, way before even completing high school. The first thing that comes to mind when you plan to study MBBS in abroad is which country to select and what is the admission process. We are here to assist in getting an admission in any one of the best medical universities abroad.

We are highly renowned educational consultancy in India. Our goal is to enlighten the path for admission of students with guidance at every stage gat reasonable rate in Medical education.

Assistance in Counselling

Have you decided on studying MBBS in abroad? Your decision is right; pursuing medicine n abroad universities can change your life and transform your career for the better future. No matter where ever you go, MBBS from abroad university will help you to earn more.

During initial stages, you might be confused about your study options in overseas. You know your next big step is to find the right country and University in which to pursue MBBS. We know that many people are not sure about their options. We know how difficult it is to take a decision that is why we have combined our efforts and human resources to help you choose the right university with our assistance in counseling.

Our team helps to bring abroad medical education within your reach through our extensive experience. Our visionary team provides thorough guidance for choosing the right institute, forwarding the applications, remits tuition fee, suggests useful tips for an interview, creates awareness about visa formalities, and guides you about pre-departure briefings and travel assistance. We will be with you starting from the day you start utilizing our services till the day you find yourself seated in the classroom of your chosen best medical university in the world.

Study mbbs in Abroad

We have tailor-made options for your convenience

Our team can help you to select the best country for MBBS in abroad and the university to apply to. By using innovative search mechanisms and interactive sources, we match your grades, fees, preferred study destination and your skills to produce a tailored set of results.

To help you in making a wise decision which changes away your future, our team gives you complete access to the largest database of best medical universities abroad. The extensive database covers a wide range of medical programs from institutions based in different countries like Ukraine, Philippines, Australia, and London, New Zealand etc. By reviewing the information carefully which is listed by over 5000 institutions across the world, you can make informed decisions on your MBBS  in abroad.

Avail expert guidance

Every service related to MBBS in abroad will take you far away from all your tensions. We just charge for the services that are beneficial to our students, we don’t charge extra amount when making payment to other parties, be it application fees or test application costs. One can feel secure knowing that we are never going to charge anything addition than the services which you avail.

Until you find the best MBBS institute abroad at fewer fees for Indian students, you will get the latest updates on overseas education from us. By making use of the connections which we have with various universities in the world, we will keep you informed about any changes in the entrances test or application process. We will intimate earlier if changes are made to existing admission process, you can rely on us to keep you updated.

The partnership and relations that we have with global Universities help us to generate a quick response to your applications after receiving them by the university to which you have applied. We will enquire the status of your application form; it helps us to generate fast responses. Are you eagerly waiting to seek expert guidance to apply to best MBBS universities in the world? Give us a call and we can start your admission process right away right after checking your eligibility.

Contact us at any time

MBBS aspirants can get in touch with us using our contact number or by walking into our office at ant day, try to call our experts get guidance on your admission process. Whether you want to know the eligibility for MBBS in abroad for Indian students or you want to get an idea on best medical universities across the world, you have come to the right destination as we have been helping students like you since the day we have entered into this field. Our vast experience in the abroad medical admissions can help you with your MBBS ABROAD admission process.

You should not feel insecure or uninformed about your admission process; therefore to help you keep track the progress of MBBS admission in abroad universities, we will provide you with special features that allow you to track the progress of admission. Contact us immediately to choose from a plethora of medical universities that we represent across the globe best suit your dreams.

Travel assistance

Right after receiving an offer from any university and have decided on how to fund your studies abroad, like after receiving study MBBS abroad scholarship, you can apply for a student visa from the consulate. Obtaining visa is one of the most important steps and you will definitely want it before your academic program starts. If you represent yourself in a good way, then the chances of rejection of Visa are less. Our team boasts experts in student visa who provide you professional assistance through this complex process of visa documentation and interview.

We also provide a pre-departure briefing to students going for pursuing MBBS In Abroad at any university in the world. We will provide a Pre-departure to each student who approaches us; it will cover all the aspects of initial travel and thereafter the stay during the student entire study duration. Our instructions booklet provides information on all minute details including the packing list of all the things one should take them while going for MBBS in Ukraine or any other country.

From our end, seminars and events will be organized from time to time for imparting knowledge on visa process and travel to students. It includes an explanation of immigration process along with the information regarding student’s life in overseas universities. We try to arrange a session to talk to the alumni members returned from overseas MMBS universities. We will also a meeting with other students going to abroad for medical education. All these things help to make sure that you are well settled at the institute.

Pre-departure assistance

Apart from assistance in admission and application processing travel assistance, we make sure that each and every student feels at east when they land into their dream university with our value-added services. Students can also benefit from our alumni network already studying in numerous abroad universities who help you understand the lifestyle and culture and get accustomed to the life overseas.

About MCI screening test

Candidates need to take this test after finishing a medical degree from abroad at a medical college or university which is recognized by Medical Council of India, students have to take a licensing test which is named as Foreign Medical Graduates Examination or is also known as MCI Screening Test.

Eligibility required for MCI screening test?

It is one of the mandatory requirements for an Indian citizen who has a medical degree from a college outside India to practice medicine in any hospital In India. Good knowledge on the subject is required to clear this examination, various institutes offer to coach for the candidates who wish to take MCI screening test.

It was introduced as a qualifying examination for Indian students in 2002 for obtaining their medical degrees from other countries. Indian doctors holding basic medical degrees from overseas countries have to take the MCI screening test for getting a permit to practice in India. The Medical School should have been listed in the world’s health organization’s international directory of Medical Schools.

When should you take MCI screening test?

private medical colleges

We will give coaching for foreign medical graduates those who are willing to take MCI screening test in June or December. Many students who generally return back on completion of MBBS course in the month of June every year will prefer to take a crash course for MCI screening test. Some people prepare seriously and try to take the test in their first attempt. It is a licensure examination conducted by the National Board of Examinations in India and one can check the website of FMGE for more details regarding the examination and eligibility criteria.

Recently, the paper pattern of MCI has been changed from pen and paper-based test to computer-based test, please note that it is not an Internet-based test. Now students don’t need to read the questions from an MCI Screening Test paper booklet and put the answer on the sheet, as the computer-based test allows you to read the questions on a computer screen. Aspirants can choose an answer by clicking on the appropriate option given under the question. MCI Screening Test will be completed in a single day. We will let you know the exam syllabus and through the sample papers which we provide, students can get the look and feel of this new pattern.

Why many students prefer to study MBBS in abroad countries?


We have listed some points and they are the reason why people prefer to study MMBS in abroad countries.

  • Right now, only a few medical seats available in Indian MBBS Colleges. It is very difficult to get a seat in India, so students are showing interest towards abroad universities.
  • Obtaining MBBS Admission in abroad is easy and hassle-free as there is no need to write any entrance exam like NEET.
  • Medicine degrees from abroad are approved by Medical Council of India and students can practice in India after clearing the MCI Screening Test that is conducted two times every year.
  • Pursuing MBBS in overseas is economical and as compared to studying in private medical colleges in India. There are many best MBBS colleges abroad to study with fees less than 8 lakhs.
  • It is very easy to obtain MBBS admission in countries like Russia, Ukraine, and Philippines etc.
  • Most of the students prefer Government Medical Universities in above countries while opting for MBBS admission abroad as these Universities are globally recognized and their degrees are recognized worldwide

If you want to study MBBS in abroad countries, then Ukraine will be a great destination for you. Many students from India became successful doctors after passing out from Ukraine universities. The tuition fee is very less and you can avail financial assistance in the form of scholarship. Indian students can seek medical qualification from any foreign college whose name is present in world health organization’s list. But after completing the degree from abroad college’s students are required to register with a State Medical Council in order to practice in India

Some best colleges across the world that may for your budget

Study Mbbs in Ukraine

The below-given table shows the cost of MBBS in various countries and universities. Just have a look at it if you are interested to pursue MBBS in abroad.

Country University
Kyrgyzstan State Medical University


Russia Ryazan State University
MBBS in Ukraine Ivano Frankovsk Medical University
Grade A colleges in China Nanjing Medical University
China Jilin University
Poland University of Lodz  


Russia Pirogov Russia NRM University
United States of America Spartan health science university

We will let you know the advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine


There are many advantages of studying medicine from abroad universities, the student gets a very new exposure to a different country and gets advanced in the studies. Learning about a new their culture and their lifestyle gives you a new outlook altogether and implement this learning help you to have a wider view and approach to practice after clearing MCI screening test in India. What you learn from abroad in MBBS in India has certainly got to be different from what you learn in India, you always have a better advantage of one who studied from India.

Some factors must be considered before selecting the abroad university for your masters, we know that most of the people are unaware of the facilities available at the institutes and how the academic program would be. It is the situation where the need for best study MBBS abroad consultant arises, and we are always there to cater your needs.

Consider these factors before choosing any MBBS college In

  • It would be comfortable in all aspects if you choose an English speaking country
  • Exposure in terms of clinical practice will be the biggest challenge, interaction with the patients will be a really challenging task which plays a critical role in exposure while they study. More interaction with patients helps learn more which in turn helps you to become an expert.
  • The university that you choose must be registered in the local country of presence
  • It should be a university with good infrastructure and lab facilities
  • Check its reputation and the highest level of reputation and student satisfaction
  • Pick the university within house hospital facility or at least it should be in collaboration with a good hospital for clinical rotation
  • Make sure that the university you select has a history of students clearing medical council of the country when the students graduate and head back home
  • It must have good hostel facilities and food cuisine of various countries
  • Select the university which is located in a secure environment for peaceful learning
  • Pick up a country with good chill out places for weekend outing from routine studies, so that you will have a chance to come out of academically related tensions.

It is obvious that choosing a prestigious university for pursuing MBBS has its advantages, but getting an admission in any one of the reputed universities is not an easy thing. For your comfort, there are best study MBBS abroad consultants like us to get out of the tensions while choosing the best college.

As of Today, there are many options available for students to study MBBS in overseas locations. Especially in countries like Ukraine, Philippines, Europe and some other countries. It is not possible to study MBBS IN USA for Indian students as they undertake only MB/BD students. Aspirants must be financially strong to support themselves if they are interested to pursue MBBS in other countries. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of students opting for MBBS study abroad when compared to previous years.

How to send the application for abroad universities

All the universities take students from India through a representative office or an agent. It is very easy to approach them; agents will help students in properly guiding them regarding their career growth and other opportunities available in their regions.

Students those who wish to come back and start their profession in India as MBBS doctors need to look whether the universities in which they have studied are recognized by the Medical Council of India or not. Only those students who have studies mbbs in MCI approved colleges will be allowed to offer services as doctors in India. For those institutes or colleges which are not recognized by the MCI board, there is an exam which is conducted by the government of India to select foreign educated MBBS degree holders to start practicing.

Conditions to be fulfilled by students to study MBBS in abroad universities

To study MBBS with fewer fees in the world, an Indian student requires an eligibility certificate from Medical Council of India which can be downloaded from the MCI website. Applicants who have 50% marks and above in biology, physics, chemistry, and English are eligible to apply for MBBS studies in abroad universities. According to MCI guidelines, the minimum age of the applicants must be 17 years.


The following documents must be produced for MCI eligibility

  • 10th class marks sheet
  • 12th standard mark sheet
  • Admission letter
  • Caste certificate, only if it asked
  • Four colors sized photographs.

We request everyone to go through the below-given features of the institutes which are approved by MCI, take a look at the below-mentioned points if you are willing to pursue MBBS in abroad.

  • Faculty and student ratio in almost all abroad universities will be 1:10
  • They have a Strong alumni network
  • All the institutes are Approved by WHO and MCI
  • Financial assistance in the form of educational loan can be availed from nationalized banks
  • Teach would be completely done in English language only.
  • All universities are fully recognized universities from government
  • You will get eligibility to work in Europe, India and unites states after completing the course
  • Many universities offer Separate hostel facility for boys and girls

Day by day, the fame for MBBS in foreign countries is increasing due to certain factors. Mainly, the admission to Medical college seats in India is very tough as the competition is very high. At the same time, admission to private medical colleges in India requires a huge amount of money in the form of donations and additional fees which is more than the amount required in abroad countries. Hence students are moving to other countries.

Academic Requirements for pursuing MBBS IN abroad countries

where To Study Mbbs Outside India

  • The total aggregate required for pursuing MBBS in the Philippines for General Category is 50% , While the total aggregate required for SC/ST/OBC students in 40%
  • For MBBS in Russia, students belonging to general category must secure 50% and for SC/ST/OBC, the cut off is 40%. Some college need even higher Percentages, we will let you know when you come and speak with us for abroad MBBS admission process. You need to have same requirements for pursuing MBBS in Ukraine.


MBBS degree a lot of craze in India and it is the dream of every student and their parents. There is a belief that if the student is graduated with MBBS from India or any abroad country, the student life is settled and there are no worries about the future. More than 8000000 students try for study MBBS admission in overseas universities, only a few of them succeed in getting the admission.

There are many reasons for why people are looking for abroad universities, India is a highly Populated country and there are very less government Medical colleges while the private medical colleges in India do charge a heavy tuition fee which is not affordable by a common man, middle class or lower middle-class people. Hence, the only option for the students is to pursue their education in a foreign country.


When a student tries to study MBBS in abroad countries, they will have so many questions about college fees, academic programmers, scholarship opportunities, educational loan facility etc. The main reason students prefer to study MBBS in abroad with less fee structure. Among all the regions, the abroad country where the student can complete MBBS with least payment is in Kyrgyzstan.

A student studying in Kyrgyzstan can complete the whole MBBS degree in a total package of 11 lakh Indian rupees which is very less when compared to the amount that other private institutes charge in India. Students need to afford just Rs. 14 lakh’s to complete MBBS education in the Philippines. The fee structure varies the quality of education and the facilities provided at the education. When you compare all the countries, Georgia is the best place to peruse MBBS. The universities located here will offer the budget-friendly package for whole six years with all modern technologies and well-equipped hospitals. Also, it stands among one of the top ten safest countries in the world with European lifestyle.

You don’t need to worry about degrees; they are valid after coming back to India and note that you just need to take MCI examination. The main factor that the student needs to check is to verify whether the institution is WHO approved or not.


We welcome all the students to contact our experienced and trained counselors anytime for advice anytime regarding your Admission for MBBS in abroad. Our experts suggest you only the best colleges around the globe. We are thriving hard to be one among the top education consultants in India for abroad studies. Whatever might be the destination you are looking to study, we will help you to connect with best medical universities in abroad.

How to apply for MBBS in abroad universities

list of private medical colleges in india

  • In the initial step, you need to fill online form of the university at its official website and pay initial documentation fees, it will be considered as the first installment of your processing fee. Later you have to send yo0ur admission copy my mail to the university address.
  • Right after completing the above-given step, you will get your admission letter within few after forwarding your application. Next, you have to send your passport and all above-mentioned documents to our address. We will start the invitation process. University will send the invitation letter and student visa will be applied on your passport.
  • You have to deposit the second installment of your processing fees which is nonrefundable under any situations. Once you deposit the fees and send your passport your visa will be issued as soon as possible based on embassy’s working days and process.
  • Get ready to fly to your dream university for your MBBS degree after getting admission letter, student visa, and all other documents. We will let you know when other students are also ready and a group of student will fly from India to your destination country. Our team will inform you of your flight date.
  • The remaining processing fees before seven days of your flight to the country where your university is located. Our agent at your university will go with you to the university and stay with you until classes will start.


We are one of the youngest best study MBBS abroad consultant and the best record holders since we started offering services to students. We thrive on offers comprehensive counseling and along with well-researched assistance for your bright future in the field of MBBS. Our counseling process is a uniformly structured way to give away outstanding results that ensure a satisfactory experience for the students who approach us. One should not look at the country, we have to look whether the institute is able to offer quality education or not. Focus on your budget and look at the experience of the faculty working at the university that you have chosen. Just go through each and every section in our website to know more about quality MBBS education in abroad.

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