MBBS in Russia

mbbs in russia study

Mbbs in Russia is really more preferable than any other. In India there are over 7,17,124 medical students out of which 1,23,000  are move towards abroad for doing MBBS. Indian students are the majority stakeholders for taking jobs in various well-reputed hospitals in abroad. Mbbs in Russia is merely a good fact but somehow students were taking inadequate knowledge from various agents, companies , sites or from social networks about mbbs in Russia , they thought mbbs in Russia is not a better option as a compared to others.

study mbbs in russia

Mbbs in Russia is not a big deal , you guys can easily take admissions in Russia top medical universities. you just have to submit a relevant amount at the time of approaching any college. The fees of mbbs in Russia is very nominal. Also, some universities provide relaxation in fees for the deserving candidates. In world 17% students are Indians , 36% Indians are in NASA and you were surprised to know there 19% doctors are come from india in all over the world. Mbbs in Russia is one of the best destination for Mbbs aspirants because the affordability factors are quite high in Russia, food , hostel charges is affordable not harm the pockets of Indian mbbs aspirants.



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Why MBBS in Russia

mbbs in russia study

Russia is becoming more popular in medical studies and researches , a huge number of medical students look towards Russia for mbbs studies. According to global standards of international education, Russia is one of the finest destinations for medical studies and for low fee costs. The cost for mbbs in Russia is nearly equal to India and Russia has over thirty universities that occupy the positions in top 100 universities of the world. Russia provides the best quality education that increases the intellectual level of students and makes them globally acceptable. students were getting degrees from Russia were admires by all over the world even in USA also. So guys study in Russia specially for mbbs is not a bad deal as it provides education in low fee structures. There is no capitation fees or donations in Russian medical universities and thereover 4000$ average fees for mbbs in Russia. Russian government provides fee concession in the form scholarships. Also, Russia provides subsidized education to abroad students. So why wait for if you are a mbbs aspirant then definitely you should have to opt Russia.

As I mentioned above the fee structure of Russia is very nominal, have a look at the below table:-

BASHKIR State Medical University Russia (city UFA) 19800 US dollars = Rs. 12,87,792/-
BELGOROD State University Russia


18700 US dollars = Rs. 12,16,248/-


21300 US dollars = Rs.13,85,000 /-
Oryol State University Russia


25300 US dollars = Rs. 16,45,512/-
VORONEZH State Medical University, Russia


32100 US dollars = Rs. 20,87,784/-
ST. PETERSBURG STATE MEDICAL 32300 US dollars = Rs. 21,00,792/-


This fee covers all those aspects required to complete MBBS in Russia. fees are as follows:-

  • Tuition fees
  • Library fees
  • Laboratory charges
  • Examination fee
  • Maintenance fee
  • Living cost as flooding , hostel, accommodations, furniture, electricity, gas etc.

In Russia there are limited seats and admissions should take from all over the world because it is one of the finest destinations for medical educations . as the aspirants are increasing every year and seats are limited so it serves admission as first in basis and should give additional benefits for an applicant who applied for admission early.

Why we choose Russia

Russia is an independent and secure place for medical education who wants to pursue MBBS in Russia.After completing MBBS in Russia no one can face any kind of problems in terms of all various entrances and tests. Russia is the country whose government gave full supervision on the education structure, Russian government organizes different international level meetings due to the respect of up to date syllabus of MBBS . Quality of education, low fees and various hands-on experience in practical field inspire MBBS aspirants to study in Russia. Russia was counted as one of the top 5 countries provide medical education in subsidized form and with respect to quality. For the last few years, thousands of students were coming to Russia in order to take admission in MBBS . As the number of students is increasing every year so Russia was put their efforts in increasing the availability of seats. Not only in MBBS Russia is considered as the engineering hub as thousands of engineers were produced by Russia every year. From thousands of aspirants who apply for MBBS in Russia majority numbers of students are coming from India.

About MBBS in Russia

How To Study Mbbs In Russia From india

MBBS in Russia is a 6-year integrated course in which 5 years for academic education which includes 10 semesters (each of 30 credits) and the total credits for 5 years is 300. And there are 60 credits is fixed for practicals also known as a practical year.

MBBS is 6 year integrated course that is composed of two courses known as bacheolar in medicine and bacheolar of surgery. Mbbs is the basic or degree qualification for the medical students and once the student complete this course should get the title called DOCTOR and prefix for name is “Dr”. in india there are number of students who opt science as a stream for doing MBBS after 12th. The eligibility criteria in Russia for MBBS is same as india . In Russia, students should have medical background before going to take admisisons in MBBS .

In india one should have to clear the entrance exams of various institutions for taking good quality education in MBBS . but in case of Russia, there is no entrance examinations by any institutions but should give admission on first in first out basis.

According to us who would like to take admission in MBBS should not go for the agents because they only promote the countries or institutions as they get paid to do that. They should always give wrong figures about any institutions but when you go forward then you come to know what is this you were just surprised when the truth comes in front of you. So guys we always prefers you to study and investigate from the Google high authority sites about the institutions where you want to do MBBS . In Russia MBBS degree is carried out in English as well as Russian language which seems generous for the local students of Russia. On the other hand in English medium fees should be quite high than Russian language. But not much difference should make it affordable for the students who were not familiar with Russian language. There are 18 top medical university in Russia which provides advance and sophisticated level of education to the students and also provide hands-on experience in practical also.



According to world health organization- 30 universities of Russia will occupy its rank in top 100 medical universities in the world which is globally accepted. Russian frame his name for providing the best medical educations than any other in the world.

The faculty of teachers in various university of Russia is quite really advance and provides equipped and streamlined level education. Now you were glad to know that more than 5000 students study MBBS in Russia and get jobs in Russia as well other countries also.

Top 5 Universities for MBBS in Russia

study mbbs in abroad

  1. Bashkir state medical university– it is one of the oldest university in Russia that provides excellent education low cost tuition fees structure and easy admission criteria makes it more popular. In ufa Bashkir State Medical University is one of the largest medico-scientific centers . Bashkir state medical university gives training to the students since 1932. It is one of the top 10 university in Russia . various medical researches and methodical researches are carried out here. The entire faculty of this university makes its hand forward in making highly qualified and trained medical personnel.


Bashkir state medical university offers the following course.

  • Pre-University Education.
  • General Medicine (MBBS).
  • Sports Medicine.
  • Postgraduate Studies.
  • Adaptive Physical Education Culture.
  • Foreign Students.
  • Higher Education Nursing School.

2.BELGOROD State University Russia Belgorod state university is also one of the old and finest university of Russia . it start its operations since 1919. It trains number of medical personnel every year . it accommodates so many factors resulting in providing good quality education to the medical students. Belgorod state university in Russia is also one of the first choice of various Indian students.

Belgorod state university Russia is also awarded as the national research university by the ministry of science and education of the Russian federation.  On April 26, 2010.

Belgorod state university is considered as the well established university of Russia that provides excellent teaching facility to the large number of students in the world.


Courses offered by Belgorod state university:-

  • Medicine PG
  • Dental/ stomatalogy.
  • Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Engineering
  • Preparatory


  1. VOLGOGRAD STATE MEDICAL ACADEMY, RUSSIA it is the best medical institutions in Russia that provides advance and methology educations in very nominal fees or cost. It is the seamlessly a great university that conducts MBBS in English medium also. All the teaching faculty in Volgograd state medical academy are well known with English . provides hostel faculty and education in low cost. The college of general medicine and dentistry  is one the favourite college for the MBBS aspirants specially for foreign students. They conduct its training in English as well as Russian language and most of the students should choose Russian language so that they can easily interact with the Russian patients . Russia is the greatest platform for medical peronnel in getting desirable jobs and makes their life in a way that they want. There are numerous facilities provided by Volgograd university like it has 19 multiprofile clinics and pre-clinics lab equipped with up-to-date facilities. Also it has well developed muti-stocked library that contains 7,00,000 books of different laguages and 3 hostels are here for proving excellent living to the foreign students.

Various courses offered by Volgograd state medical academy- admires by most foreign students.

  • General Medicine.
  • Dentistry and MD.
  • Medical Biochemistry.
  • Social Work and Clinical Psychology
  • International Students.
  • College for Postgraduate and Continuous Education.
  • Foundation Courses.


  1. Oryol State University Russia– Oryol state university is the classical and finest university of the world in many ways. It acquires numerous great facility that will create good education for medical sciences and researchers. Oryol state university is the only university that offers wide range of areas in medical professions. it  produces more than 2000 professional doctors and engineers every year.it education criteria is well oriented as it lay stress on praticals more than thoeries.

The only university produces biologists, chemists, physicists and mathematicians in the field of medical and economy glances.


Various courses offered by the Oryol  state university :-

  • Physics and Mathematics.
  • Technology Entrepreneurship and Service.
  • Economics and Management and law.
  • History .
  • Foreign Languages.
  • Graphics arts.
  • Pedagogical Education.
  • Pedagogy and Psychology.
  • Social Pedagogy and Social Work.
  • Physical Education and Sport.
  • retraining and advanced training.
  • Aesthetic Education.
  • Preparatory Faculty.


  1. VORONEZH State Medical University, Russia- it is also known as one of the university that offers excellent medical infrastructure to the medical aspirants. Total of 5000 students acquired training from this well-known institution. It comes in operation since 1930 as a independent medical institute and get its academic status in 1994. More than 50 countries around the globe comes here to opt specialists education in medical and researches. Since from the time of its foundation it prepares more than 35000 medical specilaists that frame its name around the world by providing their professional services.

Voronezh offers traditional method of teaching in terms of lectures , seminars and meetings based on medical and sciences. Make adequate use of computers and technology in provding professional training classes.


VORONEZH State Medical University(Russia ) offers various courses are as folloes:-

  • General medicine.
  • Paediatrics.
  • Dentistry
  • Pharmacy.
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